Birmingham, Alabama

The Rotary Trail is an extension of Railroad Park to the west and is the newest expansion to Birmingham's green-space under The Railroad Reservation (green space along the RR corridor that encourages people to live and work in the City Center.) The trail is the heart of the Jones Valley Corridor Trail of the Red Rock Trail System that connects Red Mountain Park in the west, Railroad Park at the City Center, and Ruffner Mountain Nature Center in the East.  This linear park extends for 4 blocks along an old, depressed rail bed and is 26’ wide, embraced by concrete walls that reach a depth from the street level of 1’ to 16’.  Steps and ramps provide accessibility to the three intersections, Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd., 22nd Street, and 23rd Street, engaging street life and connectivity.  Site furnishings and landscaped gathering areas provide destinations and venues for people to meet.  The Rotary Trail was completed in the Spring of 2016.. 


Rotary Trail Awards

  • American Planning Association Franklin M. Setzer
  • Outstanding Urban Design Project 2016
  • Alabama Wildlife Water Preservation Award 2015
  • Birmingham Business Journal “Real Estate Deal of the Year” 2016
  • Atlanta Magazine “Best of Birmingham List” April 2016


Project Landscape Architect - Jane Reed Ross, Goodwyn Mills Cawood

Contractor - Clemens Dean Building Co., Inc.

Landscape Contractor - Vision Landscapes, Inc.

Owners - Rotary Club of Birmingham, City of Birmingham

Full Plan View of the Rotary Trail