Pinson Park,

Pinson, Alabama 

The City of Pinson acquired property in order to create a new central park, ultimately address their recreational and entertainment needs.  Originally an old farm, the park has gentle rolling hills, an overlook of Dry Creek, and is just south of downtown and Turkey Creek.  The park, which is currently under 

construction, features an amphitheater, splash pad, office with restrooms, party room, pavilions, parking, trail system, dog park and a disc golf course.  The plans include using the splash pad to generate revenue for the park and to entertain festivals and music events at the amphitheater.  The park will entertain tournaments since disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports.  

All features were positioned with consideration of the flood plain, soil conditions, spatial flow of circulation for pedestrians and vehicles, seasonal interests, framing views, and creating destinations within the park and park programs. The park has existing tree canopies along the creek that were preserved with open fields ideal for active and passive play.  Activities such as the trail and disc golf are located along the flood plain with no disturbance along the creek. The amphitheater is a focal point and destination has a perfect setting in the slope overlooking the entire park.  Trails will connect the park with the surrounding neighborhood and with the community center across the street. 



Project Landscape Architect - Jane Reed Ross, Goodwyn Mills and Cawood

Owner - City of Pinson

Contractor - Clements Dean Building Co., Inc.

Budget $1.3 million