Arab, Alabama

Arab is fortunate to have park facilities that furnish the recreational needs of the City, with a diverse list of activities. These activities include baseball,  football, tennis, swimming, skateboarding, equestrian, passive activity through trails and green space, outdoor gathering spaces, amphitheater, and education via the Historic Village

The master plan recommends enhancements to the park which would make the area a recreation destination, thus improving economic development.  The following recommendations are made to create a sense of arrival and place with the park, prevent erosion, and improve pedestrian linkage with all areas in the park: Enhance the gateways with access management, signage, and landscaping; develop perimeter roads as tree lined avenues with walkways connecting all points of the park; provide erosion control by re-forestation; provide storm water management with removal of excessive pavement, pervious paving, and stream restoration.  The plan also includes a Recreation Center containing a competition swimming pool and tennis courts.  The City is in the process of implementing the plan in phases.  


Project Landscape Architect - Jane Reed Ross, Goodwyn Mills and Cawood

Planner - Larry Watts, Goodwyn Mills and Cawood

Owner - City of Arab, Alabama