Birmingham, Alabama

The concept surrounding the Children’s is one about education in sustainability of our natural resources here in Alabama.  The five acre site within the zoo is reflective of the five physiographic regions of Alabama and the bio-diversity.  Special features include interactive water fountains, a climbing mountain, carousel with a Birdair tensile shade structure, farm animals in the barn, an aquarium, a restaurant, and covered arbor with seating.

The site is divided into the following regions with Native plan material indigenous to the respective area:

Highland Rim, Cumberland Plateau, Valley and Ridge(Birmingham area) the Piedmont, and the Coastal Plain.  

Storm water is collected from the restaurant roof top and used for irrigation.



Project Landscape Architect - Jane Reed Ross, Ross Kelly Land Design

Project Architect - Giattina Aycock Architecture Studio

Contractor - Landscape Workshop, LLC

Owner - The Birmingham Zoo