Mountain Brook, Alabama

The apartments are part of the mixed use development of Lane Parke in Mountain Brook Village.  The work is part an on-going master planning effort to re-develop and update the property managed by the owners, Evans Inc.  The landscape plan included developing the hardscape for the pedestrian circulation, pool area, parking, exterior courtyards, and interior courtyards. 

All hardscapes include the same wood mold brick historically used in the Village for a seamless transition from old to new areas.  The brick also went well with the Tudor architectural theme of the apartments. Placement of landscape framed views and complement the entrances and windows.  A color coded plan was used to illustrate the rhythm created with the seasonal color,  layout, form and texture.   


The apartments were completed in 2015.




Jane Reed Ross, Project Landscape Architect Goodwyn, Mills, Cawood

Evans Inc.


Vision Landscape