Mountain Brook, Alabama

The McCroskey Residence was sited on the South slope of Spring Creek in Mountain Brook. The client's wanted their Arts & Crafts style home to seem like it grew out of the forested slopes with minimal disturbance. This was achieved by sensitive placement of native trees and plants along the disturbed areas to blend with the existing forest. The entrance drive runs parallel with the creek for half a mile and ends at the parking court where water can be seen spilling over large boulders.

A pedestrian bridge provides access to the house over a waterfall created in an existing storm-water swale. Rocks were placed to resemble a mountain stream with native riparian plants nestled along the edges. All living spaces of the house look out to a terrace with a fountain as a focal point. Water pours out of a carved limestone runnel into a calm pool framed with flowers and ornamental grasses. All rooms also have a view of Spring Creek that runs along the North side of the property.